The 10th IEEE ESTC


ESTC Student Travel Award

The student travel grant program for ESTC awards up to 6 grants, at least 2 of which should go to women and at least 1 of which should go to a student from a country outside Europe.

The competition is open to all full-time graduate students enrolled at an accredited institution in a program of study within the scope of ESTC. The student must be listed as the primary author on the abstract. A maximum of two authors (one per paper) from any one institution will receive a travel grant.

All grants are available to apply towards actual travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, and meals. Grants will be awarded competitively based on abstracts submitted by student authors. The student who is named as the primary author of each winning abstract will receive a travel grant.

Costs that are directly tied to conference attendance are reimbursable up to the limits of $1300US for intracontinental travel and $2100US for intercontinental travel.

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