The 10th IEEE ESTC


Conference Topics

ESTC is covering the following topics:

Advanced Packaging

Challenges and Solutions in 3D Integration, Embedded Structures, Wafer and Panel Level Packaging, Hybrid-bonding, Packaging Solutions for Chiplets, Advanced Substrates and Interposers Considering Reliability and Quality Aspects

Materials for Interconnects and Packaging

New Materials and Processing – e.g. Phase Change Materials, Novel Thermal Interface Material, Low Dimensional Materials, Metamaterials, Self-organizing, Piezoelectric, Dielectric and Memory Materials, Nanomaterials, Adhesives in Advanced Interconnects, Advanced Interconnection Metallurgical Materials and Interconnects, and Multi-level Interconnects and 3D Stacking Materials for Heterogeneous Integration

Optoelectronic Systems Packaging

Innovative Packaging Technologies for Quantum Photonic Subsystems, High Density Integration Technologies for SiPh (Heterogeneous vs. Hybrids at Wafer-level), Glass Substrates, TGV and Cavities at Wafer-level Suitable for Photonic System Integration, Photonic Polymer Materials and Substrates, 2PP and microFAB-3D Systems, High Precision Assembly Technologies for Photonic Devices and Subsystems, Thermal Management Challenges at the System Level, Reliability Plans for Quantum Photonic Subsystems Working at Cryogenic Temperatures, EDA Tools for Packaging, THz Applications in Photonics: “Integration of Microwave Photonics with Optoelectronics, THZ Components“

Assembly and Manufacturing Technologies

Assembly (1) and Manufacturing (2) Technologies: Novel Assembly Technologies, Manufacturing Aspects to Novel Packaging, Wafer-level Processing, D2W Hybrid Assembly and Integration (1), Ultrafine-pitch Assembly of Extremely Small Devices (1), Large Component Assembly Challenges (1), Massive Parallel Assembly (1), Non-traditional Assembly (e.g. Magnetic, Fluidic) (1), Collective Wiring Technologies (2), Quality Assurance for Advanced Manufacturing incl. Test (2), „Green“ Manufacturing (Strategies and Best Practice) (2)

Design Tools and Modeling

Design and Modelling Techniques Related to Electronics System Integration (This includes but is not limited to Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical, Multi-physics, and Multi-scale Modelling), Experimental Validation of Design and Modelling Techniques, Machine Learning and Digital Twins, Model-order reduction and Stochastic Techniques, Co-design for Chip-package Interactions and Heterogeneous Integration, Reliability Models, Prognostics and Health Management Techniques

Power Electronics System Packaging

High Performance Packaging (Low RDS(on), Low Rth, High Temperature, Fast-switching High-frequency Compatible), Actives and Passives Integration and Miniaturization, Power Embedding, Very High Voltage Solutions, Novel Cooling Solutions Incl. Double-sided Cooling, Integration Aspects of Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Devices (e.g. SiC, GaN, GaAs), Reliability and Prognostics, Sustainability Aspects (Reduction in the Use of Natural Resources, Life Cycle Analysis, Recyclability and Reuse)

Advanced Technologies for Emerging Systems

Emerging Packaging Concepts and Technologies for Bio-electronics, Microfluidics, Wearable Electronics and Sensors/Actuators, Additive Manufactering

Reliability of Electronic Devices and Systems

New Results at Different Levels of System Integration (Chip Contacts, Packages, Assemblies and Subsystems), Characterization and Test, Failure Diagnostics, Methodical and Equipment Developments, Upcoming Challenges Due to New System Integration Demands, Innovative Packaging Solutions for Extended Reliability Requirements

Flexible, Printed and Hybrid Electronics

Flexible Printed and Additive Materials, Design, Fabrication Processes, Components, Devices and Electronics Systems (e.g. Sensors and Actuators, PV and Photodetectors, Signage and Displays, Energy Harvesting and Storage, Structural Electronics, Lab-on-chip), Flexible Hybrid Systems and Processes Integrating Microelectronic Components on Flexible/Stretchable Substrate in the Broad Range of Applications (e.g. Biotech, Space, Automotive, Consumer Electronic, Health, Food & Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring)

RF, mm-wave and THz Systems Packaging

Packaging Technologies for RF, mm-Wave and THz Applications, Novel SiP Approaches for mm-Wave and THz Array Integration, High Performance Chip-to-package Interconnects for mm-Wave and THz SiPs, Advanced Modeling and Co-simulation Methodologies of mm-Wave and THz SiPs, On-chip and On-package Radiating Elements & Antennas, High Accuracy PCB and Assembly Technologies for mm-Wave and THz SiPs, Novel Circuits for Built-in-self-test (BIST) of RF, mm-Wave and THz SiPs

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