• 2006, Dresden, Fireworks artist during welcome reception
  • 2006, Dresden, Keynote presentation
  • 2008, Greenwich, University Campus
  • 2016, Grenoble, Networking during break
  • 2014, Helsinki, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Poster Presentation
  • 2008, Greenwich, Exhibition
  • 2008, Greenwich, Conference attendees
  • 2010, Berlin, Keynote
  • 2010, Berlin, Networking
  • 2014, Helsinki, Finlandia Hall
  • 2018, Dresden, PDC
  • 2018, Dresden, Conference dinner
  • 2020, Vestfold, Virtual HIR workshop panelists
  • 2020, Vestfold, Virtual conference chairing

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PDC A - Why is now the right time to start digitalizing electronics manufacturing with an end-to-end holistic solution?
Current fee: 600 EURO
PDC B - Advances in Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP)
Current fee: 350 EURO
PDC C - Fan-out Packaging and Chiplet Heterogeneous Integration
Current fee: 350 EURO
PDC D - Additive Printed Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Current fee: 350 EURO