• 2006, Dresden, Fireworks artist during welcome reception
  • 2006, Dresden, Keynote presentation
  • 2008, Greenwich, University Campus
  • 2016, Grenoble, Networking during break
  • 2014, Helsinki, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Poster Presentation
  • 2008, Greenwich, Exhibition
  • 2008, Greenwich, Conference attendees
  • 2010, Berlin, Keynote
  • 2010, Berlin, Networking
  • 2014, Helsinki, Finlandia Hall
  • 2018, Dresden, PDC
  • 2018, Dresden, Conference dinner
  • 2020, Vestfold, Virtual HIR workshop panelists
  • 2020, Vestfold, Virtual conference chairing
  • 2022, Sibiu, Exhibition
  • 2022, Sibiu, Plenary Session
  • 2022, Sibiu, Gala Dinner

ESTC 2022 Media partners & supporting organizations

3D InCites

The 3D InCites Community was established in 2009 to stir up interest in 3D integration. Now in its 13th year, 3D InCites has broadened its scope stir up interest in heterogeneous integration. As such, 3D InCites is about much more than just through-silicon vias and subsequent stacking technologies. Rather, 3D InCites has become part of the whole advanced packaging conversation as it relates to heterogeneous integration, the internet of things, and other applications these technologies enable. The goal is to inform key decision-makers about progress in technology development, design,  standards, infrastructure, and implementation.

Learn more on 3D InCites website.

Chip Scale Review

Chip Scale Review is the preeminent international magazine leading the way in middle-of-line (MOL), back-end-of-line (BEOL) and associated technologies for advanced semiconductors.

Learn more on Chip Scale Review website.

AHK Romania

AHK Romania (The Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is the official representative  of the German economy  and also the largest bilateral Chamber of Commerce in Romania. Founded in 2002, AHK Romania has more than 550 members and provides  the companies with an important platform for networking, exchange of information and experiences. Through the services it offers and the events it organizes, AHK Romania actively supports the German companies entering the Romanian market and it is also a partner of the Romanian companies interested in the German market.

Learn more on AHK Romania website.

Electronica AZI

Romanian online magazine about electronics.

Learn more on Electronica AZI website.


With selected applications, technical articles, exclusive interviews, and product launches, EPP EUROPE (print magazine, website, newsletters) shows what to look for in modern electronics manufacturing and which products and solutions should be considered. A special focus is put on Semiconductor Packaging in Europe.

Learn more on EPP Europe website.


The IEEE Electronics Packaging Society is the leading international forum for scientists and engineers engaged in the research, design and development of revolutionary advances in microsystems packaging and manufacturing.

Learn more on EPS website.

IMAPS Europe

The International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies through professional education and training, interaction with industry and networking amongst professionals and academics. Founded in 1967, IMAPS has professional members in 23 North American chapters and 21 international chapters.

Learn more on IMAPS Europe website.

Municipality of Sibiu (Hermannstadt)

The nowadays Sibiu is a touristic location acknowledged at an international level and appreciated by specialists in the field, representatives of the mass media and by simple tourists visiting the city.

Learn more on Sibiu website.


PLUS is a highly accomplished trade publication on electronics manufacturing that successfully combines two basic approaches to industry and technology reporting.

Learn more on PLUS website.