• 2006, Dresden, Fireworks artist during welcome reception
  • 2006, Dresden, Keynote presentation
  • 2010, Greenwich, University Campus
  • 2016, Grenoble, Networking during break
  • 2014, Helsinki, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Poster Presentation
  • 2008, Greenwich, Exhibition
  • 2008, Greenwich, Conference attendees
  • 2010, Berlin, Keynote
  • 2010, Berlin, Networking
  • 2014, Helsinki, Finlandia Hall

ESTC 2018 Sponsors

Gold Sponsor


The Institute of Electronic Packaging Technology (IAVT) and the Centre for Microtechnical Manufacturing (ZmP) together represent one of the largest university research institutions in Germany active in the field of Electronic Packaging.

Silver Sponsor

ASE Group

ASE offers services such as semiconductor assembly, packaging and testing. ASE provides semiconductor assembly and testing services for over 90 percent of electronics companies in the world.

Cicor Group

Cicor Group offers complete outsourcing services and a broad range of innovative technologies, electronic manufacturing services and a wide range of production options from PCB assembly, system assembly, box-building, toolmaking and plastic injection molding.

Conference Bag Sponsor

Finetech GmbH & Co. KG

Finetech manufactures innovative, high-accuracy equipment for leading-edge bonding, micro assembly and rework challenges.  The FINEPLACER® systems are designed to be modular for maximum process flexibility and come in manual, semi-automatic or automatic configurations.

Proceedings Sponsor

Siemens AG

Ingenuity for life ensures the foundation for a strong economy, by mastering the challenges of today’s energy landscape. For example intelligent technologies ensure a stable power supply by managing fluctuations from wind and solar energy sources.

Lunch Buffet and Coffee Break Sponsors

budatec GmbH

Budatec GmbH produces equipment for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries and is located in Berlin. The main business areas are thermal systems and electronic manufacturing products.


Deltec electronic GmbH

Deltec is a developer and manufacturer of electronic product for different customer applications.

Digades GmbH

For more than 20 years, digades develops and produces electronics solutions for a wide range of applications.

Lumiloop GmbH

OPTICALLY POWERED MEASURING LUMILOOP develops and markets ready to use optically powered systems: from the sensor through the optical power and data transfer to the software - all from a single source.

Media Sponsor


The IEEE Electronics Packaging Society is the leading international forum for scientists and engineers engaged in the research, design and development of revolutionary advances in microsystems packaging and manufacturing.

IMAPS Europe

The International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS) is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies through professional education and training, interaction with industry and networking amongst professionals and academics.

Organic Electronics Saxony

OES e.V.: This network was founded on October 6th 2008 by seven companies and three research institutes from the organic sector in order to strengthen the organic center in Saxony and global.

Silicon Saxony

Silicon Saxony is one of Europe‘s most successful trade association for the semiconductor, electronic, microsystems and software industries. The number of members has risen to more than 330 at present. The association links commercial enterprises, research institutes, universities and colleges.


Cubicworx provides a full service package starting from a 3D rendering through to implementation.