• 2006, Dresden, Fireworks artist during welcome reception
  • 2006, Dresden, Keynote presentation
  • 2010, Greenwich, University Campus
  • 2016, Grenoble, Networking during break
  • 2014, Helsinki, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Audience
  • 2016, Grenoble, Poster Presentation
  • 2008, Greenwich, Exhibition
  • 2008, Greenwich, Conference attendees
  • 2010, Berlin, Keynote
  • 2010, Berlin, Networking
  • 2014, Helsinki, Finlandia Hall
  • 2018, Dresden, PDC
  • 2018, Dresden, Conference dinner

ESTC Steering Committee

The ESTC Steering Committee is responsible for observing the general high-level quality of ESTC and for strategic decisions. It consists of the past ESTCs General Chairs and the recent IEEE-EPS Vice President Conferences.

Members of the Steering Committee

Past General Chairs:Rolf Aschenbrenner, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany
Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich, UK
Eric Beyne, IMEC, Belgium
Karlheinz Bock, TU Dresden, Germany
Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel, Aalto University, Finland
Gilles Poupon, Senior Member, France
Klaus-Jürgen Wolter, TU Dresden, Germany
IEEE-EPS Vice President Conferences:    Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich, UK